import { Injectable } from “@angular/core”;
import { HttpRequest, HttpHandler, HttpEvent, HttpInterceptor } from “@angular/common/http”;
import { AuthenticationService } from “../authentication.service”;
import { Observable } from “rxjs/Observable”;
import { BehaviorSubject } from “rxjs/BehaviorSubject”;

export class RefreshTokenInterceptor implements HttpInterceptor {
private refreshTokenInProgress = false;
// Refresh Token Subject tracks the current token, or is null if no token is currently
// available (e.g. refresh pending).
private refreshTokenSubject: BehaviorSubject = new BehaviorSubject(
constructor(public auth: AuthenticationService) {}

request: HttpRequest,
next: HttpHandler
): Observable> {
return next.handle(request).catch(error => {
// We don’t want to refresh token for some requests like login or refresh token itself
// So we verify url and we throw an error if it’s the case
if (
request.url.includes(“refreshtoken”) ||
) {
// We do another check to see if refresh token failed
// In this case we want to logout user and to redirect it to login page

if (request.url.includes(“refreshtoken”)) {

return Observable.throw(error);

// If error status is different than 401 we want to skip refresh token
// So we check that and throw the error if it’s the case
if (error.status !== 401) {
return Observable.throw(error);

if (this.refreshTokenInProgress) {
// If refreshTokenInProgress is true, we will wait until refreshTokenSubject has a non-null value
// – which means the new token is ready and we can retry the request again
return this.refreshTokenSubject
.filter(result => result !== null)
.switchMap(() => next.handle(this.addAuthenticationToken(request)));
} else {
this.refreshTokenInProgress = true;

// Set the refreshTokenSubject to null so that subsequent API calls will wait until the new token has been retrieved

// Call auth.refreshAccessToken(this is an Observable that will be returned)
return this.auth
.switchMap((token: any) => {
//When the call to refreshToken completes we reset the refreshTokenInProgress to false
// for the next time the token needs to be refreshed
this.refreshTokenInProgress = false;

return next.handle(this.addAuthenticationToken(request));
.catch((err: any) => {
this.refreshTokenInProgress = false;

return Observable.throw(error);

addAuthenticationToken(request) {
// Get access token from Local Storage
const accessToken = this.auth.getAccessToken();

// If access token is null this means that user is not logged in
// And we return the original request
if (!accessToken) {
return request;

// We clone the request, because the original request is immutable
return request.clone({
setHeaders: {
Authorization: this.auth.getAccessToken()

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